What to expect when you visit Ascension
Since visiting any church for the first time can be a little intimidating, this page gives you some ideas about what to expect when you visit Ascension. Greater detail is available on other parts of our web site.  We invite you to browse the rest of the site. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Maybe we missed including something that would be important to you, and we want to know that.
Where is the door?

You can check out our map for directions. The driveway entrance is accessible off Sunset Ridge  You'll find plenty of parking, including handicapped spaces near both our front and side entrances.  You will find visitor spaces near the front entrance to the church. The building is wheelchair-accessible. There is a coat rack right inside the entrances and restrooms are located in the main hallway. 

What about the kids?

Children are always welcome in worship and there are activity packets available for them each Sunday.  If your child needs to leave the sanctuary during the service, you can still listen to the service on the speakers in the fellowship hall.


How will I be welcomed?

An usher will give you a bulletin, gladly answer any questions you have, and help you if you need assistance.

There will be smiles and handshakes. You won't feel overwhelmed because we respect that your relationship with the Lord is a personal matter and that your attendance is not for our benefit.

Will I be able to follow the service?

Everything you need in order to follow the service is in the bulletin, including the spoken words and the words and music for singing. We encourage everyone to recycle, so if you don't want to keep the bulletin you can drop it in our recycling bin just outside the sanctuary on your way out.

What should I wear?

God does not give us a dress code.  He accepts us as we are. Worshipers at Ascension wear anything from shorts and tee shirts, to suits and and ties. Please wear whatever you feel is most comfortable for you.

Will I be able to take communion?

All who believe Christ is truly present in the bread and wine are welcome to receive Holy Communion. An usher will indicate your row's turn to approach the altar. If you choose to participate, come to the center aisle.  Communion is served by intinction. You are given communion bread, and before eating it, you dip it in wine or grape juice offered by the communion assistant. If you are unable to walk to the altar, notify an usher prior to the start of worship or during communion, and you will be served in your pew. Stephen Ministers are at the kneeler, ready to pray with you following communion, for those who so desire.

What about the offering?

During the service offering plates are passed. Our regular members, in response to all God has given us, give an offering to support the ministries at Ascension.Visitors are not expected or required to put anything into the offering plate.  You are welcome to if you like. You also will see that we sign an attendance card and put it in the offering plate.  If you would like to, please complete a card.

What do I do after the service?

After the service, you will see that we come together for Coffee hour in our Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome. There is plenty of coffee, tea, juice, snacks and conversation.