One Tree Many Branches 2018-2019 Concert Season

The performing arts are a precious treasure, a gift given to mankind by God.  The tradition of excellence in music and drama is an important part of Ascension's worship milieu.  Our Concert Series of various high caliber performance media extends that excellence as a focal point in Ascension's outreach to the community.

All performances are open to the public and are held at the Lutheran Church of the Ascension.

No admission is charged but a free will donation will be accepted at each concert.  If you enjoy these concerts, please consider supporting our series by becoming a donor.


Hailing from Chicago, Bowmanville strives to mingle the hip sensibilities of Hot Club Gypsy Jazz from 1930s Paris with the influences born of Chicago’s global crossroads. Led by violinist Ethan Adelsman, with Graham Nelson on harmonica/vocals, Mason Jiller on guitar and Martin Stonikas on bass, the group draws inspiration from diverse musical backgrounds to create a simmering synergy of vibrant bouncing sound that crackles with electric energy. This performance features the smokey jazz vocals of Brooklyn Britches.

The Lucky Trikes present an afternoon storytime for all ages accompanied by live improvised and classical music from some of Chicago's new music scene stars. Courage, in many forms, is the theme of this storytime. A string instrument petting zoo hosted by William Harris Lee & Co. concludes the program.

Light out of darkness
Advent Concert

The first words spoken by God as recorded in the Holy Scrip- tures are, “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” On that first day of creation, after God created the heavens and the earth, He spoke light into being. Come celebrate the messiah... the light of the world, with 80+ voices and musicians in full Christmas glory!

Alloy Horn Quartet
The Alloy Horn Quartet, a collection of four talented female french horn players, will delightfully demonstrate the power and beauty of this mysterious instrument. Their repertoire will include both familiar and new favorites , including the genres of classical, opera, musical theater, folk, and American spirituals.
Saturday, March 23, 2019 4:30 PM
Paddy Homan2

Hailing from County Cork, Ireland, tenor Paddy Homan elevates the traditional Irish song to new heights. Paddy’s quick-witted Cork humor and spontaneity on the stage gave birth to the nickname Paddy “The Show -Man- Homan” . He has earned his place beside a wide variety of talented musicians who are recognized as the best in the busi- ness. Paddy doesn’t just create an atmos- phere of beautiful music, he also crafts an authentic Irish experience.

Quattro Voce is a piano quartet comprised of four of the most distinguished voices on the Chicago and international music scenes. At heart, however, it is a group of four friends - Jasmine Lin (violin), Anthony DeVroye (viola), Marina Hoover (cello) and Kuang-Hao Huang (piano) - who just like to play together!
Eric SchneiderMst
Chicago saxophone great Eric Schneider has worked with many of the best and best-known jazz instrumentalists and vocal- ists. Enjoy his rich artistry as he and his band intertwine their music and his stories about them in this unique performance. Schneider represents the true spirit of jazz; walking in the footsteps of the giants while expressing a vision that is entirely his own.